About TheTradeNet

TheTradeNet was set up in 2009 by commodity trading and IT industry professionals. Direct personal experience over the years in a number of commodity markets highlighted an interesting challenge; ‘social networking’ online is now a massive global phenomenon, yet industrial and commercial ‘networking’ is years behind despite the clear opportunity.

Supported by some big names in the industry TheTradeNet jumped on the opportunity to explore this new frontier. The challenge of creating a collaborative tool that brings together the people, the assets and the trade flows into one place was irresistible. Methanol was chosen as the first market due to its relatively modest size and simplicity, and thanks to the overwhelming support from the far-sighted industry participants.

About IHS

IHS is the leading information company with comprehensive content, insight and expertise in pivotal areas shaping today’s global business landscape: energy, economics, geopolitical risk, sustainability and supply chain management.

Businesses and governments around the world use IHS products and solutions to make faster and more confident decisions.

IHS has an unmatched team of professionals with a deep understanding and historical perspective of the industries served. United by a mission of excellence and unparalleled focus on client service, the information solutions provided help customers navigate risk, gain clarity around complex issues, develop targeted strategies and ultimately make better business decisions.

About IHS Fairplay

IHS Fairplay holds the largest maritime database in the world, evolved from The Lloyd’s Register of Ships which has been continuously published since 1764.

IHS Fairplay enables you to track live ship positions with unrivalled AIS coverage; identify every merchant and military ship; contact 145,000 ship owners, operators and managers; receive insights for profitable, efficient and safe shipping; and plan a port call with ease.

With extensive ship, movement, casualty, company, port and news databases, as well as research, forecasting and consultancy services, IHS Fairplay has developed a range of high quality products and services that are unique to the industry.

As the sole originating authority for assigning and validating IMO Ship and Company numbers, IHS Fairplay’s databases are able to guarantee a level of comprehensiveness no-one else can.

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