Market Intelligence Network......explained....


Market Intelligence Network is a front-office geospatial tool that displays and analyzes the very best commodity market intelligence data from IHS.

It’s a turnkey desktop solution designed by energy traders, for energy traders.
It uses cutting-edge technology created by TheTradeNet, only recently being exploited in commodity markets, to bring to life IHS vessel movement data. It’s the only source that is refreshed at frequent intervals, which is vital for monetizing trading opportunities.

The only source of full-voyage global coverage

IHS Fairplay is currently the only provider of combined satellite-derived and shore-based AIS information. Our shore-based coverage is refreshed every 15 minutes, while our satellite coverage updates mid-ocean positions multiple times per day. This complete global picture of waterborne commodity movements is unrivalled by other sources.


Track global vessel positions live on your screen, and assess voyage destination and port calling data to reveal changes in supply and demand and resulting trading opportunities.

Visualize the flow of oil products, coal, LPGs, chemicals, methanol and LNG between regions and ports to analyze the macro picture. For specific voyages, you can set up real-time alerts to monitor vessel availability, and receive a heads up as soon as a planned cargo sets sail.

Market Intelligence Network also includes vessel movement histories, vessel characteristics and photo library, fixtures data, port data, and customized reporting by vessel and port.

What’s more, Market Intelligence Network is also a new web-based community platform to support those industry participants that are involved in commodity markets.

Production, consumption, storage & logistics assets are included, together with participating companies and key representatives from each. All members are verified as genuine market participants and are obligated to update their own company information. This information is clearly presented using a mind-map navigation tool partnered with a pair of geographic maps.


Commodity traders and those who service them require a material competitive edge. Market Intelligence Network is designed to provide that edge, having evolved from the dynamic and complex environment of Front Office Commodity Trading. The ultimate connection of information on assets, trade flows, news events, fundamental analysis and industry networking contacts is your edge in the commodity markets.


Market Intelligence Network is rapidly expanding as a crucial resource for companies involved in a range of commodity markets. Front Office personnel are the key users: Trading, Market Analysis, Logistics and Chartering, Sales and Procurement etc. Industry service providers are also key participants, leveraging an opportunity to actively and intelligently promote their offerings directly to the market as users navigate close to their assets or regions of focus.

Why not...

Contrary to popular belief, traders and associated providers have a vital interest in sharing certain proprietary information. Most commercial participants are aware that sharing certain company information maximizes the chances that all your potential customers and suppliers are aware of the advantages of selecting you as a counter party. While much of this basic information is already available, Market Intelligence Network offers a unique opportunity for you to actively shape the presentation of this information.

Market Intelligence Nework carefully limits the information that participants may share to conform with relevant anti-trust and competition laws. No information beyond nameplate capacity figures can be posted. The platform is also set up to cater for a holistic industry community, not just producers or just consumers. For more information on this subject please see the User Agreement.

What’s next...

Strategic Partnerships & Expansion in Commodities

Market Intelligence Network is expanding into more global commodity markets and is successfully securing strategic partnerships to facilitate this growth.

Platform enhancements

Market Intelligence Network platforms are continuously evolving. A number of enhancements to the navigation and mapping features are underway and will make the system even clearer and easier to use. We eventually intend to transform the 2-dimensional mind map navigation tool into a 3-dimensional tool in order to create the functionality that allows users to move around the platform in a truly intuitive and seamless manner.

Expansion into other fields

Market Intelligence Network platform is being tested for application in a number of other areas outside of Commodity markets. Watch this space…

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