Ship Tracking... explained

The purpose of Market Intelligence Network is to provide you with a frequently updated “reality check” on physical cargo activity.

Track global vessel positions live on your screen, and assess voyage destination data to forecast energy supply and demand and trading opportunities.

Cutting-edge technology created by TheTradeNet, only recently being exploited in commodity markets, brings to life IHS Fairplay vessel movement data.

Information received from the largest shore-based AIS network combined with mid-ocean satellite surveillance creates a unique full-voyage global picture.

Our combined satellite and shore-based receivers record positions on the vessels we cover more than ten times per day on average. It’s the only source that is refreshed at such frequent intervals, which is vital for trading.

The shore-based coverage universe of 2,500+ ports and facilities guarantees unrivalled accuracy.

Visualize the flow of oil products, coal, methanol and LNG out of a region and the destinations receiving them while keeping an eye on your late running cargo and know the minute a planned export leaves port.

Also included:

Information you can trust

As the sole originating source for assigning IMO Ship and Company numbers, IHS Fairplay is able to guarantee an unmatched level of comprehensiveness.

IHS Fairplay data has been the industry benchmark since 1764 and to this day remains second to none.

TheTradeNet was set up in 2009 by commodity trading and IT industry professionals. Supported by some big names in the industry TheTradeNet jumped on the opportunity to create a collaborative tool that brings together the people, the assets and the trade flows into one place.

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